Essay Writing Services – Who Uses Them and Why

It’s Sunday night and you’ve got a paper due tomorrow. You were supposed to work on it this week, but you’ve had lectures to go to, exams to revise for, and essays for other courses to turn in. Yes, okay, beer to drink – you’re allowed some kind of social life, aren’t you? So now it’s midnight and you’re armed with books, laptop and a huge pot of coffee, because you’re going to be working on this for a very long time.
And everyone tells you these are the best years of your life.

What if you just can’t cope?

A lot of the students we speak to say the same thing. The pressure being put on their shoulders is totally unreasonable. They don’t have time to join clubs or societies or take advantage of the endless opportunities for learning and networking outside the classroom. People who were keen sports players at school let their gym clothes gather dust at the back of the wardrobe. Is it any wonder most people gain weight when they start uni?

It’s not just the stress. Illness, family bereavements and personal crises don’t stop happening to you just because you’re a student. And then you’re hit with the stomach-churning panic of knowing you’re going to miss your deadline.

There are a lot of reasons to turn to essay writing services. Of course, some students are plain lazy, aren’t managing their workload properly or can’t be bothered to make it to the library, but they’re not the majority. Most people just feel overwhelmed, and need a little temporary help. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Completely, 100% legal

The police have got better things to do than read your essays. Even if they didn’t, there is absolutely nothing illegal about using an essay writing service.

Plagiarism is when you steal someone else’s work without giving them credit. A good essay writer will write a fresh paper for every customer, meaning they hold the copyright. You are buying the rights to use the work, not stealing them. No copyright law is violated. When you buy an essay, you’re doing what actors, politicians and athletes do when they hire someone to ghost write their memoirs, or what employees do when a professional writer polishes their CV for them.

Obviously, some universities have codes of conduct which forbidusing essay services. But they’re also not going to be impressed if you don’t turn in an essay at all. If you’ve had a particularly heavy workload or personal issues and you’re worried about making a deadline, having a professional write your essay is better than failing the course.

If you’re worried, most essay writing services will also do the preliminary research for you and summarise it with a list of sources. This means you can save a huge amount of time but still do the actual writing, making the work entirely your own.

How can you tell the good from the Jesus-does-this-person-even-speak-English?

Everyone knows essay services are a scam, right? Someone in the bar said that their roommate’s classmate’s friend tried it and nearly failed their course. While it’s true that there are scams out there, there are dozens of good quality essay writers online too. Obviously, you shouldn’t just go with the first place you find, unless you want to fail spectacularly. So how do you work out who to trust with your hard-earned cash?

First of all, take a look around the company’s website. Is the standard of writing high? Do they express themselves well? If it seems badly written then the chances are the papers they produce will be badly written too. You can get a feel for how professional a company is by how much effort they’ve put into their site.

Do the essay writers all have degrees in the relevant fields? The person writing your essay should at minimum have a Bachelor’s in a similar or the same subject, although a Masters is better. Good essay writing services have profiles of some of their writers with the details of their qualifications and photos.

A good essay writer online will also have examples of the kind of work they produce, so you can assess the quality. Do the example essays have an introduction and a conclusion? Does the main text cover all the relevant points? Are there correct in-text citations with the page numbers where appropriate?Even a first-year essay needs a bibliography of at least eight or ten sources.

Make sure the article you’re buying is totally unique. If the company sells the same essay to more than one student then it could get caught by a plagiarism checker. The company should promise essays that are new, original and written expressly for you.

In the end, by far the best way to tell if a company is legit is to read reviews. You can’t trust a company to tell you the truth about their own product, but you can trust your fellow students. If they were scammed they’re going to shout it from the rooftops – wouldn’t you? But if they were happy with their experience and got the grade they were promised, the chances are you will too.

Trust Us to Help You

Like you, we’re students. Like you, we want to actually experience everything university has to offer, instead of working ourselves into the ground for three years. Like you, if we pay for an essay we expect to get the results we were promised.

We get dozens of questions from confused students looking for a reliable service. “How long will it take to write my essay?” “Will they write my essay according to the course guidelines?” “Which companies will write my essay for a reasonable price?”

There are businesses that will take your money and then copy any old rubbish off the internet. Or worse, take your money and never be heard from again. And there are businesses with rigorous academic standards who want to help you get your thoughts on paper and pass your course.

We provide objective, trustworthy reviews of essay writers online in order to help students find the perfect service and avoid the scams. You can read feedback on a company’s customer service, the quality of their writing, how thorough their research was and what kind of sources and bibliography they provided. See what grades other students got from the same paper writers and whether or not they passed their course.

We don’t always use essay writing services. But when we do, we check the reviews first.